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Completion of the Treatment Package Application and your Personal Health Record (PHR) allows the Providers medical doctors to evaluate your case. From this evaluation, the best available options will be identified and service levels will be developed into an overall package. MTM creates a secure environment to review this information called a Health Portal, this is down at know charge to you. The review of your options for your comparison is one of the most important steps in Global Health Care. This will determine a complete Treatment Plan and its costs.

A MTM Health Coach will review your application and provide you access to your Health Solutions Portal to begin your review of:

  • Treatment Plan Proposals
  • Information on Particular Facilities and Hospitals
  • Physician Curriculums
  • MTM Treatment Package Proposal
  • Health Soutions Chatter Communnication
  • Insurance Applications
  • Financing Applications
  • Treatment Package Payment and Terms Agreement
  • Legal Disclaimers from Health Providers
  • Review our Partners Agreements
  • MTM Client  Contract
  • Travel Itinerary and Scheduling
  • Medical Travel Support
  • Post Procedure Support
  • Client Survey

The MTM e-Catalog provides specific information on products, prices, packages, providers and destinations in Global Health Care - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism

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