The Global Health Care Industry

Over more than a generation America has capitalized on the benefits of low-cost labor in other parts of the world. American companies minimize labor costs by outsourcing low-cost technical and call center support services.

The global economy requires American businesses to continue to seek new ways to remain competitive.

The high cost of Healthcare is today’s major target for savings. The American healthcare system is the most costly in the world. High costs place many American businesses at a competitive disadvantage with foreign firms. A new industry, Global Health Care, provides options for health care treatment at significantly lower prices than in the United States.

Global Health Care is a health care option that connects clients with worldwide top quality medical providers. The primary benefit of Global Health Care is the provision of medical treatments for uninsured and under-insured individuals or self-insured state, municipal, and private entities. Treatment is provided by licensed and certified medical providers in accredited medical facilities.

Facilitators for Global Health Care provide all travel arrangements, facilitate teleconferences with physicians, and send all related and necessary medical records.

The insurance industry has become a participant in Global Health Care. In several states Blue Cross Blue Shield markets insurance policies that allow or encourage clients to have expensive non-emergency surgical procedures at quality lower-cost medical facilities abroad. In response to the rising cost of health care premiums, several Fortune 500 corporations are evaluating the outsourcing of some costly medical procedures to Global Health Care destinations. Insurance provider networks are being expanded to include international hospitals and physicians.

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