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Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure


Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-aging to delay the aging process and increase the body’s vitality. Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-aging is a authentic elixir of life.

Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-aging is the process of rejuvenation with stem cells (or revitalization) which recovers normal tissues, organs and system functions; organisms rejuvenate creating a better state of health. Revitalization improves living with increased activity, enhancement of the mental state and increases the body’s resistance to external and internal negative factors. Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-aging establishes a radiant look, elastic skin, light step, straight bearing, cheerfulness and quiet sound sleep.

Rejuvenation of the skin with stem cells is a deep process that stimulates the cells for recovery, activates access of useful elements to the cells, recovers disturbed metabolism, and relieves stress. Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-aging stimulate the production of collagen that is very useful element for the skin elasticity as well as elastin that recovers cutaneous covering silhouette. Stem cells also improve metabolic and microcirculation processes, this helps skin wrinkles to smooth out, skin acquires a healthy color, skin dryness and irritations disappear.

Rejuvenation restores the immune system, regulates organs functioning, and increases vitality. You’ll perceive your old diseases subsided, feel much better and beautiful. Your senses spurt, attention, concentration and thinking increase.

This Anti-aging therapy program is over 7 days in the clinic and includes:

1. Consultation with the specialists of Anti-aging therapy.
2. Cardiologist consultation.
3. Blood and urine bulk analysis.
4. Biochemical blood analysis.
5. Analysis for tumor markers, sex hormones and thyroid gland hormones, examination for virus infections.
6. Electrocardiogram.
7. Ultrasound study of abdominal cavity and pelvis minor organs.
8. Course of infusion therapy that increases “Revitalization” procedure effectiveness.
9. Classic massage № 6
10. “Revitalization” procedure – intravenous infusion of stem cells.

Cosmetic procedures:

1. Mechanic face’s brushing.
2. Skin diagnostic on skin-scanner.
3. “Regeneration” procedure – cosmetic masks with placenta №5 extract.
4. Jake face massage (medical) № 5

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