Spinal Biomechanics – Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapist Specialized Treatment – 1 hour


Spinal Biomechanics Treatment

Physical Therapist Specialized Treatment – 1 hour of therapy that includes examination and assessment with related review and recommendations.

Spinal Biomechanics Treatment is concerned with the effect of misalignment in the upper cervical spine. Biomechanics is basically a science, which applies physical and mechanical laws to biological structures like muscles, ligaments, joints, and various other structures.

The human spine is populated with many of these structures in a complex web so it is possible for changes in these structures or changes in the position of the skull on top of the cervical spine to affect the biomechanical abilities of the cervical spine to hold the head vertical and therefore affect normal movement.

The total cost includes a one-hour consultation with a specialist. Not included are travel, food, and lodging.

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