Puerto Vallarta Local Health Tour


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Locally Guided Health Tour


MTM Magazine PV Tour

What is Medical Tourism?

Find out here in Puerto Vallarta with a familiarization tour guided by Medical Treatments Management. MTM is a worldwide source for health care and wellness treatments, combining medical options with tourism. MTM is a medical facilitator that assists in the coordination of the program.


MTM offers access to:

• Wellness programs
• Medical treatment procedures
• Dentistry
• Diagnostic exams
• Technology support
• Travel planning

Local PV number:
01 329 298 3778

Bucerias number:
298 3778


What does the Tour include?

Personally guided by an MTM Wellness Concierge for the entire 4 (+-) hours tour.

Each person can chose two of the Tour Items or two people can choose one of the same.

All our Physician Partners speak English and will provide a written consultation to your PHR.

Transportation from your Meeting Point to each Tour Item.

Free Membership with MTM and a preliminary Personal Health Account (PHR) with Google Health Account.

U.S. Tax deductible invoice

Online Booking Center.

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Tour Items  

General Physician Consultation
Specialty Physician Consultation
Cardiology: Study of the heart and blood vessels.
Dermatology: Study of the skin.
Endocrinology: Study of the internal glands of the body.
Gastroenterology: Study of the digestive tract, including the stomach, bowel, liver and pancreas.
Gynecology: Study of the female reproductive system, Women’s Health.
Hematology: Study of the blood and blood-forming organs.
Internal Medicine: Study of all diseases and total health care of the body.
Neurology: Study of the brain, spinal cord, nervous system and related structures.
Oncology: Study of cancer and disorders of blood-forming organs.
Orthopedic: Study of the bones, joints, muscles and tendons.
Otorhinolaryngology: Study of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat and upper airway passages.
Plastic Surgery: Surgical reconstruction for cosmetic or to improve appearance or function.
Sports Medicine: Study of diseases and injuries acquired in sports.
Urology: Study of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, Men’s Health.
Wellness Exam with Lab Work: in conjunction with Physician.
Dentistry Consultation and Cleaning
Eye Consultation and Exam.
Chiropractic Consultation 45 Minutes.
Holistic Consultation 45 Minutes.
Yoga and Meditation Class 60 Minute.
Hot Springs Therapy 60 Minutes.
Pharmacy Prescription Review.
Tour of local private Hospitals.
Life Coach Consultation 45 Minutes.
Physical Therapy 60 Minutes.
Massage Therapy 60 Minutes.

Call Toll Free U.S. and Canada: 1 800 870 6059 or MTMskype1
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