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Specialty Physician Consultation – 1 hour



Specialty Physician Consultation – 1 hour examination and assessment with related review and treatment recommendations for Alternative Medicine. Alternative ‘medicine’ is any healing practice ‘that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine. It encompasses therapies with an historical or cultural rather than a scientific basis. It includes: naturopathy, chiropractic medicine, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Alternative Treatments, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy (homoeopathic treatment), acupuncture, and nutritional-based therapies. It is frequently grouped with complementary medicine, which generally refers to the same interventions when used in conjunction with mainstream techniques.The total cost includes a one hour consultation with a specialist. Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists and cost of complication management; travel, food and lodging.

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