Orthopedic Surgery Abroad

Orthopedic Surgery Abroad

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The aim of orthopedic surgery also known as orthopedic surgery is to treat musculoskeletal ailments ranging from arthritis and congenital deformities to more acute injuries. Most patients undergo orthopedic surgery to correct problems with their knees, shoulders, and hips or to treat fractured bones. The rising costs and the amount of waiting time for surgery have created the need for orthopedic surgery abroad.

Orthopedic surgery continues to become less invasive as arthroscopic technology improves globally. New techniques are often much slower to be approved in the U.S., therefore, giving international surgeons more options to provide to their patients. Torn ligaments around the joint can be repaired without actually opening the affected area. As a result, many less serious orthopedic operations require very little recovery time.

Joint replacement also known as arthroplasty is another common procedure abroad. During this procedure surgeons replace deteriorated joint surfaces (often hip or knee) with synthetic components made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. After surgery, patients retrieve a great deal of mobility and suffer less pain than with traditional orthopedic operations.

Recovery time following orthopedic surgery abroad can vary greatly, and depends on the type of operation. Minimally invasive procedures have patients back on their feet in a relatively short amount of time, while more severe operations require rest and physical therapy before the patient can return to a normal life. As doctors’ tools and technology improve, recovery time continues to decrease. Spending the recovery period after the initial operation in a wellness resort located near the surgeon provides an additional benefit for orthopedic surgery abroad.

The following list is types of orthopedic surgery abroad:

  • Hip resurfacing.
  • Knee arthroscopy.
  • Knee replacement.
  • Laminectomy.
  • Oxford knee replacement.
  • Revision hip replacement.
  • Revision knee replacement.
  • Rotator cuff tightening.
  • Shoulder replacement.
  • Total hip replacement.

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