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Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure


Specialty surgeon complete packaged procedure for an open surgery hiatal hernia repair – GERD. An open surgery hiatal hernia repair – GERD is a surgery to correct a problem with the muscles at the bottom of the esophagus (the tube from your mouth to the stomach) and help reduce GERD. Problems with these muscles allow gastroesophageal reflux disease – GERD – to happen.

During this procedure, your surgeon through an open incision will: The first repair the hiatal hernia with stitches. The surgeon will tighten the opening in your diaphragm to keep your stomach from bulging through. Your surgeon will then use stitches to wrap the upper part of your stomach around the end of your esophagus. This creates pressure at the end of your esophagus and helps prevent stomach acid and food from flowing back up.

The open surgery hiatal hernia repair – GERD treatment cost includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, related medical procedures, and drugs required to administer the plan of care. The package includes all hospital material for the surgery, doctors’ fees, pre-surgery blood work. Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists, and cost of complication management; travel, food, and lodging.

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