Nephrolithotomy Lithotripsy – Urologist

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Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure


Nephrolithotomy Lithotripsy Surgery

Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy or nephrolithotripsy is a procedure for removing medium-sized or larger renal calculi (kidney stones) from the patient’s urinary tract by means of a nephroscope passed into the kidney through a track created in the patient’s back.

The term ‘percutaneous’ means that the procedure is done through the skin. Nephrolithotomy is a term formed from two Greek words that mean ‘kidney’ and ‘removing stones by cutting.’

During percutaneous nephrolithotomy, the surgeon inserts a needle through the patient’s back directly into the kidney. A nephroscope uses an ultrasonic or laser probe to break up loose kidney stones. Pieces of the stones are suctioned out with the scope, and a nephrostomy tube drains the kidney of urine.

Nephrolithotomy Lithotripsy Surgery cost includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, related medical procedures, and drugs required to administer the plan of care.

Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists, and cost of complication management; travel, food, and lodging.

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