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About MTM!

If the client decides to cancel the treatment, the deposit monies for that treatment will be refunded within 14 days. Costs of completed portions of the package, such as global travel, diagnostic testing or other expenses will be deducted from the client's account balance.

Some MTM service network partners have agreed to a payment system designed to reduce anxiety about paying for treatment before arrival. These MTM network partners have agreed to allow MTM to collect the required deposit. The deposit will be held in an escrow account at a U.S. bank. The money is paid to the healthcare provider only after the client has arrived, visited the hospital, met the physician, and confirmed the intention to proceed with treatment.

International patients are usually required to provide a large down payment to schedule treatments. That payment is typically made to a foreign entity, potentially making it difficult to recover the money if the client does not follow through with treatment.

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