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Physician Designed Package Exam and Lab Work


Physician Designed Package Exam and Lab Work for Men Executive Check up. Symptoms of such adult disease as hypertensions, heart conditions, diabetes, liver diseases and cancer, closely related to genetic and environmental causes, habits and stress, only appear at a stage when it is almost impossible to return to normal. The human body’s metabolism, however, helps the organs make continued efforts to restore health. Therefore, most adult diseases are curable when their symptoms are found and treated as long as metabolism is working.

As well, risk factors derived from lifestyle habits can be prevented from developing into serious illness through early check up.

The Standard program includes the following examination:

– Basic checkup: Physical health check, Blood pressure.
– Somotype checkup BMI: body fat checkup, hearing checkup.
– Ophthalmologic checkup: digital eyesight checkup, tonometry, fundus photography.
– Heart function & stress checkup: stress checkup, electrocardiography.
– Stomach checkup: endoscope, upper G.I.
– Abdomen ultrasonography: liver sono, pancreas sono, splean sono, gail blader sono, kidney sono.
– Lung checkup: digital chest radiograph, pulmonary function.
– Cardiovascular disease checkup: cholesterol (HDL,LDL) cardiac risk factor, triglyceride.
– Myocardial disease: LDL, CPK.
– Kidney function checkup: BUN, Creatinine, B/C ratio.
– Diabetes checkup: glucose (FBS).
– Pancreas checkup: amylase.
– Arthritis checkup: RA factor.
– Musculoskeletal system checkup: phosphorus, calcium (Ca).
– Electrolyte checkup: sodium (Na), potassium (K), chloride (Ci).
– Anemia iron deficiency test: Fe, UIBC, TIBC.
– Hepatitis checkup: hepatitis type b.
– Venereal disease test: VDRL.
– Liver function test: S-GOT, S-GPT, R-GTP.
– Urinalysis: glucose, keton S.G, P.H, urobilinogen.
– Blood test: WBC, RBC, hemoflobin, hematorit, MCV, MCH, RDW, platelet / MPV, Calcium (Ca) – Thyroid function test: T4, TSH.
– Cancer checkup for tumor marker: liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, prostatic cancer, prostatic hypertrophy.
– Thyroid function Test: thyroid test.

Treatment cost includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, related medical procedures and drugs required to administer the plan of care. Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists and cost of complication management; travel, food and lodging.

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