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The MTM Mission

To provide alternative Health Care choices and options with an emphasis on service, that is Consumer driven, compassionate and provided by a Health Team of specialty Physicians and Health Care Professionals.

Consumer Driven Health Care

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Medical Treatments Management, MTM administers a worldwide source for health and wellness treatments, combining medical choices with travel options. MTM is a medical facilitator that assists in the coordination of the program. MTM offers: access to wellness programs, medical treatment procedures, dentistry, diagnostic exams, cosmetic treatments, technology support and travel planning that will exceed your expectations.

Treatment options are available worldwide in 20 different countries, having 100's of Hospitals and 1000's of Doctors within our Global Health Care Network. MTM’s technology services provide clients with information regarding health care options containing consumer choices that are both affordable and efficient. Our services extend to providing alternatives to other health care and/or in combination with current treatments.

MTM offers services in combination with top quality Health Providers and Partners to create a money saving option for the consumer, employer, self insured, under insured, uninsured and just about everyone else.

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Medical Treatments Management