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Hip resurfacing is a surgical procedure (a form of arthroplasty) that has been developed as an intervention alternative to total hip replacement (THR).

Unlike traditional hip replacement, hip resurfacing doesn’t replace the ‘ball’ of the hip with a metal or ceramic ball. Instead, the damaged hip ball is reshaped and capped with a metal prosthesis. The damaged hip socket also is fitted with a metal prosthesis similar to what is used in a conventional hip replacement.

With new types of materials, the artificial joint implants used for total hip replacement are lasting longer and may last for decades, although long-term data is not yet available for new types of implants. This isn’t an issue for older people who receive a hip replacement late in life. But hip resurfacing might be a better choice for younger people because the procedure leaves more bone intact, which can make it easier to perform a total hip replacement if needed later.

Resurfacing generally results in a bigger hip ball than what is typically used in a conventional hip replacement, which may reduce the risk of dislocation. But newer implants used for conventional hip replacement now offer an option of a larger hip ball. This is similar to the size used in hip resurfacing procedures.

Treatment Package Includes:
– Attending Surgeon’s fee.
– Anesthetist’s fee.
– Surgery team fee.
– Pre and post-procedure medical tests.
– Operation suite fee.
– Screening.
– All consultations.
– Post-operative surgeon’s visit at the hospital room.
– Post-operative private room (air conditioned) hospital stays for 07 nights with one attendant/companion.
– Medications, nursing, meals, and laundry during the hospital stay.
– Procedure material/consumables and drug costs during the hospital stay.

Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists, and cost of complication management; travel, food, and lodging.

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