Health Coach Account License


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Health Coach Account License and User Fee


This optional Health Coach Package is part of the Health Solutions Technology suite of licenses, by subscription, it adds system tools to manage and increase the potential growth of your Health Coach Business. It includes all the benefits of the Global Health Care Membership (GHCM), adding licensed access to additional records within your Health Team, Customers, and Members. Detailed records and reporting that help manage your Client’s support through a collaborative team of Health Coaches. Your existing Health Coach Account fees are upgraded at any time crediting any existing partial solutions with this subscription.

This Health Solutions connection is administered by your Health Team Director providing you access to your Health Team, Community Members, Health Coach Accounts, Contacts, and Files within the Health Solutions Communities. Additionally, it provides direct access to your Clients Treatment Package creation in the MTM e-catalog, the Global Health Care Network of Providers, Products, Pricing, Partners, and much much more. It is the building block of the Healthcare Team collaboration of records and secure communications.

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