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The MTM Treatment Support Portal provides access to education, planning, partners, providers, and costs on the MTM Web.  An MTM Health Coach and your Health Team can begin to design your Treatment Package using Health Solutions Technology and The Global Health Care Network.Global Health Care, Support, MTM

  • The Treatment Package Application is submitted to Medical Treatments Management for a quotation of the total cost based on your choices.
  • Health Record Form or Personal Health Record - PHR will allow the Health Team of medical specialists to evaluate your case.
  • Medical Treatments Management offers a free MTMweb Membership allowing for a continual research of your treatment options.
  • Display Provider credentials, treatment plans and costs in a personalized Health Solutions Technology Health Portal that securely organizes the complete Health Team, Contracts, Itinerary and more.

The MTM e-Catalog provides specific information on products, prices, packages, providers and destinations in Global Health Care - Medical Travel - Medical Tourism

Register as a member to review the prices, calculate budgets, build Treatment Packages, get quotations and purchase products