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Specialty Doctor Complete Packaged Procedure


Specialty surgeon complete packaged procedure for endoscopic lumbar discectomy – PELD. Lumbar endoscopic discectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove damaged disc material that is causing pain in the lower back. Endoscopic discectomy is a modern technique that does not involve bone removal, muscle damage, or large skin incisions. Instead, our lumbar endoscopic discectomy involves the use of x-ray imaging and magnified video to guide an endoscopic probe into the herniated disc space. Advantages of lumbar endoscopic discectomy surgery include the following:

– Minimally invasive.
– Small incision and minimal scar tissue formation.
– Short recovery.
– Same-day surgery with no hospitalization (outpatient procedure).
– High success rate.
– Preservation of spinal mobility.
– Local anesthesia.
– Minimal blood loss.

A Neurosurgery or neurological surgery is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders that affect any portion of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

This endoscopic lumber disectomy – PELD treatment cost includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, related medical procedures, and drugs required to administer the plan of care. Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists, and cost of complication management; travel, food, and lodging.

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