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Ipad Helps Vision Impaired with Ophthalmology Technology

According to a recent study presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, back lit tablets such as the iPad and Android tablets greatly improve the reading experience for vision-impaired users, and help them recover their ability to read in comfort once more. Continue reading

The Top Challenges for a Health Care Business Model

These challenging issues our global: analysis of regulations by government, economic issues, competition, cooperation and collaboration, technology, social media and security are the areas in need of a complete new look. Continue reading

What is Health Information Technology?

With online technology, we can access just about everything from shopping to travel and from dating to banking. We have the world at our fingertips. So what is health information technology and why is it that health information technology seems to be in the dark ages? Continue reading

Google Tests its Self-driving Car a Technology Milestone

The Google self-driving car is a pretty amazing feat of engineering and technology. So far, the vehicle has covered 200,000 computer-driven miles, which is a milestone in itself. But there was another landmark moment that arose during testing. Continue reading

Google Technology – The Web Will Be Like Electricity

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt predicted Tuesday that rapid advances in technology will soon transform science fiction into reality – meaning people will have driver-less cars, small robots at their command and the ability to experience being in another place without leaving home. Continue reading