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Are artificial sweeteners safe?

The story behind the discovery of artificial sweeteners is actually rather interesting since it was completely by accident. In 1879 a researcher, Ira Ramsen, accidentally spilled a derivative of coal tar on his hand and noticed it was sweet. That incident set the stage for further investigating, thus creating Saccharin, commonly known as Sweet-n-Low.

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Facts About Sugar and Your Health – Diets and Weight

Sugar or dietary sugars have been under scrutiny for years. Sugars have been blamed for causing everything from cavities to obesity and a lot of conditions in between. Here are the facts about sugars to help you decide how to sensibly incorporate sugars into your diet. Continue reading

Kick the Sugar Habit for Good Health

Big time sugar companies are taking a chapter from the book that tobacco companies have been using for years: deny any connection between their product and the obesity and diabetic epidemics present in the industrialized world. They use their political connections and deep pockets to insure product protection at the expense of your health. Continue reading

Help treat recurring diseases with a spoon full of sugar

Treating recurring diseases, such as strep throat, with antibiotics kills only some of the bacteria. Scientists believe a subset of bacteria called persisters, which are distinct from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, go into a dormant state to evade antibiotics, then resurface and can trigger another infection. Continue reading