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Breakthrough – Stem Cells Change Old Blood Cells To New

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered a way to transform a humans blood cells back to that of a 6 day old embryo using stem cells. This development could mean the cure of several diseases occurring within the body such as Cancer, severed Spinal Cord, Heart attacks and the path back to youth. Continue reading

Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer – Screening – Drugs – Biopsies – Stem Cells – Genetics

Major advances in the treatment and detection of breast cancer in the last two decades have saved the lives of millions of women. Since 1990, mortality rates have decreased dramatically—by 3.3 percent a year in women under 50 and by 2 percent a year in older women. Experts say that breakthroughs made in the past few years, however, may have an even greater impact in the fight against breast cancer. Here are five reasons researchers are excited—and hopeful. Continue reading

Embryonic Stem Cell? Adult Stem Cells? Human Stem Cells?

What is Embryonic Stem Cell? Adult Stem Cells? Human Stem Cells? Recently, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, traveled to Europe seeking a treatment using human stem cells for a neck injury. Manning’s doctors report that he had a bulging disk and due to the inability of three previous surgeries, this 35-year-old superstar athlete would take the risk of seeking a procedure that is not approved by the FDA. Continue reading

Study Reveals Critical Similarity Between 2 Types of Do-it-all Stem Cells

Ever since human induced pluripotent stem cells were first derived in 2007, scientists have wondered whether they were functionally equivalent to embryonic stem cells, which are sourced in early stage embryos. Both cell types have the ability to differentiate into any cell in the body, but their origins — in embryonic and adult tissue — suggest that they are not identical. Continue reading