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On Why Sleeping Well Is Important

Sleep time is one of the most important parts of the day. Quality sleep can help you prevent mental and physical problems, improve your overall quality of life.

During sleep  several areas of your body are busy, keeping the brain healthy as well as several other parts of the body.

Sleep deficiency has an impact on your health. Sleep deficiency raises your risk of chronic health problems. Your behavior, cognitive  and social skills might also be affected.

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Stress: How It Affects Your Health And Ways To Alleviate It

Everyone at some point in life has felt stressed, stress can be considered part of life. All animals have stress response, which can save their lives.

The nerve chemicals and hormones released during stressful times, prepares the animal to face a threat or flee to safety.

However, with chronic stress, those same nerve chemicals that are life-saving in short bursts can suppress functions that aren’t needed for immediate survival. Your immunity is lowered and your digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems stop working normally. Once the threat has passed, other body systems act to restore normal functioning.

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The Benefits of Exercise for Kids

We all know how important it is to get regular exercise for ourselves, but it’s especially important for our kids. Exercise for kids has many benefits that include weight management and a healthy mental attitude. Find out how much exercise your kids need to grow up strong. Continue reading

Kick the Sugar Habit for Good Health

Big time sugar companies are taking a chapter from the book that tobacco companies have been using for years: deny any connection between their product and the obesity and diabetic epidemics present in the industrialized world. They use their political connections and deep pockets to insure product protection at the expense of your health. Continue reading

How Much Should I Eat?

With expanding waistlines over the past few decades can be due to food portion size. People these days eat much more than they used to and that means that more calories are being ingested that are not burned as quickly. The problem is that many of us have become so used to seeing food displayed in super size portions that we do not realize that it’s more than we need. Continue reading