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US Employers Use Medical Tourism to Cut Costs

Medical tourism, Medical Travel Global Health Care all meaning patients traveling from their home countries to another destination for medical care. This is completely transforming the health care industry as we know it.  Continue reading

Medical Tourism in Tijuana Mexico – Cancun Mexico – Puerto Vallarta Mexico

In Tijuana Mexico, Cancun Mexico and Puerto Vallarta Mexico there is more to offer than nice people and beautiful beaches. These medical tourism destinations have top quality medical care in accredited hospitals and medical facilities. Continue reading

What Does a Medical Tourism Facilitator REALLY Do?

Medical tourism is a $100 billion dollar industry with over 60 countries offering some type of medical tourism service. With such market saturation, how does  one forge their way through the medical travel jungle of options? You find a Medical Tourism Facilitator to help guide you through the process.   Continue reading

The History of Medical Tourism – Medical Travel – Global Health Care

Medical tourism offers reliable and affordable health care to patients around the world. While it may seem like a new concept, medical tourism has been around for centuries and is steeped in tradition. Medical travel has a rich history that dates back to antiquity. Continue reading

The Reality of Medical Tourism

Much has been written about medical tourism – millions of people flying from country A to country B for cheap medical treatment. Everyone thinks they know the top destinations, reasons for travelling and current direction. These ‘facts’ are repeated every time a journalist discovers medical tourism, or when people are trying to sell their conferences or consultancy services, or politicians seek to justify a plan. Continue reading