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Keeping Your Children Active Provides Healthy Results

More than any other time in history, children today have access to a plethora of electronic devices that are designed to communicate with others, access the internet and are geared towards entertainment. Most children are satisfied with staying indoors and playing games on their computers or chatting on the internet than going outdoors and doing anything physical. Unfortunately, studies have shown that technology is partly to blame for the lack of physical activity in children today. Continue reading

Healthcare and Your Childrens Health

Every day, we are exposed to indoor and outdoor toxins. Many want to reduce their exposure, especially when it comes to their childrens health and raising their family.

Whether you are thinking of starting a family or in the process of raising your kids, it’s important to know what you can do to protect your loved ones against harmful toxins. Since development begins in the womb, even unborn children exposed to such toxins are subject to lifelong affects on mental development, cognitive thinking and learning. Protect your childrens health by removing harmful chemicals and toxic substances that can cause health risks to kids health and healthcare by using these household tips. Continue reading

Health Websites for Children like PBS Kids

Thanks to the convenience and marketing appeal of junk food, electronics and social media temptations, our children are not getting the nutrition and exercise needed for healthy minds and strong bodies. Many health organizations have responded by providing websites for children that are filled with educational games, videos, music, puzzles, and interactive activities. Continue reading