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The CCIIO Insurance Oversight Agency Oversees The Affordable Care Act

The Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) helps to implement many health reform provisions of the Affordable Care Act. This act is the notable health reform bill promoted by President Obama and signed into law on March 23, 2010. It is the CCIIO which oversees the application of provisions in relation to private health insurance. Continue reading

What is Health Care – Health Care Issues VS Health Care Costs

Health care issues affect every American, but exactly what is health care? Health care involves the diagnosis, medical treatment, medication and prevention of illness, injury, disease as well as physical and mental impairments. Continue reading

Medical Travel Benefits Package – The Employee Benefits and Business Benefits

Medical Travel can be the most exciting adventure one can take, especially when it’s to resolve a health issue. You can learn and experience so much about other cultures, but what happens when things go wrong. Problems with accommodations, transportation, theft, car accidents or even lost luggage, this can be taken care of, but what if it concerns your health?  Get the peace of mind only a medical travel benefits package can bring when planning a personal or business medical trip. Continue reading

Long Term Care Insurance for Nursing Home Care

Most of us have heard of long term care insurance. But how many of us have it? With people living longer and longer and the cost of care on the rise, the answer is clear — not enough of us. But is it too late? It all depends. Continue reading

Comparing International Health Care Systems

Ray Suarez and a NewsHour reporting team traveled to the Netherlands in September to explore the country’s innovative universal health care system, which has gained attention as a potential model for U.S. health care reform.  Continue reading