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Immunotherapy as a Treatment for Cancer

The immune system is our body’s way to defend itself from the unknown, the unknown being diseases or anything that doesn’t belong in our body. The immune system can help us fight infections or diseases primarily caused by bacteria, parasites, and fungi. It also attacks viruses.

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Immunotherapy Uses Your Own Immune System to Help Fight Cancer

Your immune system is made up of cells that act as an internal army, looking for and destroying infection-causing antigens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. Sometimes, the immune system can even detect cancer cells, although this is challenging as cancer cells often resemble normal cells. In order to help the immune system target cancer cells and fortify its defenses against them, many doctors rely on immunotherapy. Continue reading

Cold and Flu Season – Strengthen Your Immune System

This month ushers in a potentially dangerous time of year. It’s the start of cold and flu season, and a time when we can be vulnerable to other infectious diseases. It’s particularly important at this time of year to keep up your body’s defenses to protect yourself from these threats to your good health. Continue reading