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Benefits of Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is not only helpful in the process to losing weight, there are many more favorable outcomes from eating healthy. For all of us that get scared by those two words, eating healthy does not mean going on a diet or deprive yourself, more like eating in a balanced moderated way. You can start slow, set short term goals such as eating a fruit a day or not flooding your salad with dressing. Slowly but surely it will become easier and more enjoyable to eat healthy. Continue reading

Keeping Your Children Active Provides Healthy Results

More than any other time in history, children today have access to a plethora of electronic devices that are designed to communicate with others, access the internet and are geared towards entertainment. Most children are satisfied with staying indoors and playing games on their computers or chatting on the internet than going outdoors and doing anything physical. Unfortunately, studies have shown that technology is partly to blame for the lack of physical activity in children today. Continue reading

Invest in Your Health – Your Best Bet Invest In Yourself

Who do you think will save your life? The health insurance industry? Guess again. Fifty million people have none. Fifty million are on Medicaid. Tens of millions have “catastrophic” insurance – something that might work just before personal annihilation. Continue reading