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How to Compare Health Providers a Provision in the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act was created to not only control the rising costs of health care, but to improve the quality of diagnosis, treatments and follow up care. Typically, patients find it difficult to know just what constitutes high-quality health care. Without easy-to-understand, objective and clear information, they may never know if and how well their Health Providers measure up. Continue reading

Apple Apps Helping Health Care Decision Making

The simple iPhone interface and Multi-Touch technology let busy doctors get up to speed quickly. Now that Apple has hundreds of medical apps available, iPhone becomes an instant pocket reference for everything from anatomical charts to diagnostic tools, allowing clinicians the freedom to create their own application workflows. Continue reading

Health Care Physician Access and How to Rate a Doctor

With the touch of a hand, we can perform a Google search, granting us health care physician access to millions of doctors worldwide. By reading reviews and lists of credentials and experiences, we can evaluate, compare and communicate physicians and hospitals. Continue reading

Doctors Use of iPads – Tablets – Smart Phones for Healthcare Increases

A Doctor used his iPhone, in combination with an AliveCor — an iPhone-mounted sensor capable of delivering clinically accurate electrocardiograms — to measure the vital signs of a passenger experiencing severe chest pains at 30,000 feet. When the readings indicated that the passenger was, in fact, having a heart attack, Continue reading

U.S. Doctors Moving Towards the Ipad in Their Practice

That initial burst of interest and enthusiasm hasn’t slowed in the slightest according to a new report from Manhattan Research. In fact, iPad use by U.S. doctors has nearly doubled in the past year and adoption is set to continue at a meteoric rate over the next twelve months. Continue reading

Where Are All The Physicians? Not Enough Doctors to Go Around!

Everyone hears about the shortage and need for primary care physicians, who by all accounts are financially undervalued, but how many Americans realize that a critical shortage of specialists is just ahead in a few years? Continue reading