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Large Breasts Can Cause Back Pain and Breast Pain – Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women have longed for the curvy bust line that flatters most fashions of yesterday and today. However, those with extremely large breasts are more concerned about pain than fashion. Extreme back pain, breast pain, headaches and migraines, shortness of breath, neck aches and numbness down the arms in and paresthesias (nerve tingling) in the fingers plagues large breasted women. Everyday activities such as working and exercising can be hindered by excessive pain and discomfort. Continue reading

How Serious is Neck and Back Pain?

According to the CDC, back or spine problems are the second most common reason for disability in America affecting 7.6 million people. Modern medical science finally has an answer to help alleviate the suffering. Continue reading

Finding Your Best Sleep Position

According to Linda DiProperzio, “we all know that getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of staying healthy, but how we sleep also plays a role in keeping us in top form.” Studies show that the position that you sleep in can determine the quality of sleep that you will have as well as how you will feel the next morning. If you suffer from pain or discomfort, there are a number of recommended sleeping positions that can help to alleviate your pain and flare-up. Continue reading