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New Immunotherapy Treatment Attacks Cancer Cells

This new immunotherapy was decidedly different from the treatments people received before. Instead of attacking the cancer with poisons like chemotherapy and radiation, the Philadelphia doctors taught the immune cells to become more adept at killing the cancer cells. This is the basic concept behind immunotherapy. Continue reading

Blood Transfusions the Quality of Blood and Certification of Blood

If you or someone you love has every needed Cardiac surgery and cardiopulmonary bypass, chances are they needed blood from a blood banking facility. However, there has been a high demand for blood, causing healthcare professionals to seek alternative ways to decrease a patient’s exposure to homologous blood. Another option is perfusion. Here’s what you need to know about the risks of blood transfusion, quality of blood, certification of blood, and the international Board of Blood Management.
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Google Tests its Self-driving Car a Technology Milestone

The Google self-driving car is a pretty amazing feat of engineering and technology. So far, the vehicle has covered 200,000 computer-driven miles, which is a milestone in itself. But there was another landmark moment that arose during testing. Continue reading

A Stem Cell Cure is it Embryonic Stem Cell or Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Of the trillions of cells in the human body, there are over 200 cell types, each having their own function. Yet, a sub set of those cells are considered to be “start ups” and are either embryonic or adult stem cells. Both have regenerative potential to immediately repair human tissue their own way.  Continue reading

Project Glass – Google Glasses a Virtual Augmented Reality

This week Google gave people a clearer picture of its secret initiative called Project Glass. The glasses are the company’s first venture into wearable computing and is a look into the future of Google Glasses a virtual augmented reality. Continue reading