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How to Compare Health Providers a Provision in the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act was created to not only control the rising costs of health care, but to improve the quality of diagnosis, treatments and follow up care. Typically, patients find it difficult to know just what constitutes high-quality health care. Without easy-to-understand, objective and clear information, they may never know if and how well their Health Providers measure up. Continue reading

Medical Tourism in Tijuana Mexico – Cancun Mexico – Puerto Vallarta Mexico

In Tijuana Mexico, Cancun Mexico and Puerto Vallarta Mexico there is more to offer than nice people and beautiful beaches. These medical tourism destinations have top quality medical care in accredited hospitals and medical facilities. Continue reading

Healthcare IT Moving to The Cloud

The healthcare sector is adopting enterprise hybrid cloud access across the provider, payer, and life sciences segments with the goal of improving the quality of care, reducing costs, and increasing responsiveness to risk. So begins why Healthcare IT is moving to the cloud. Continue reading

What is Health Solutions Technology – Medical Information Technology or Medical Technology

Are you looking for a solution to those clinical and administrative challenges that plague a transfer of records? If so, Health Solutions Technology could be exactly what the doctor ordered as it is a perfectly customizable solution to handling all of your Electronic Health Record (EHR) transfers. Health Solutions Technology works wonders for those small and mid-sized firms, family, or multi-specialty facilities needing a medical information technology solution at their fingertips. Continue reading

HIPAA Compliant Email – Just About Impossible

Some Health Care providers are in need of HIPAA compliant email who are currently using Gmail or most of the other publicly free online email clients. They would, of course, like to add HIPAA compliance without changing any of their business processes or habits. Continue reading