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4 Ways to Improve Your Life While Healing from Major Surgery

You thought getting major surgery was the hard part, but it turns out the recovery phase following major surgery may be the most difficult part. Your activity and mobility is limited, and you have to rest as much as possible. If this spells your recipe for boredom, you aren’t alone in your frustration. The Centers for Disease Control reports more than 51 million surgeries are performed in the US annually. Some patients choose to distract themselves with video games or television shows, but go-getters like you desire more productive activities.

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The Coffee Battle – Health VS Drug and Habit VS Addiction

When you’re feeling sluggish, the first reaction most people have is to reach for a cup of coffee. Well the FDA ‘ s interpretation would classify coffee as a “DRUG” per their own definition. This makes Starbucks your pharmacy, the person behind the counter your physician and the receipt your prescription. Here’s why… Continue reading

Meditating for Health – What is Meditation and How to Meditate

Meditation has been found to be good for one’s health, but what is meditation exactly? Meditation is a way to train the mind and body in a way that is similar to physical fitness. It can enjoyed by anyone of any age, from beginners to monks, and it can be performed in solitary or in a group setting.  Continue reading

How Friends Help With Tough Decisions – Find a Friend

For generations, poems, books, movies, and songs portray the tight bonds of friendship. A good find friend can be there for the good times and the bad, making us laugh at ourselves, helping us become better people, and being there for tough decisions. Continue reading