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How Can I get Tested for Cancer?

It is never too early to begin screening for cancer. Although, it is not very common to develop most cancers at an early age, you can never be too careful. There are a few different ways to get tested and screened for cancer. Checking for cancer (or for conditions that may lead to cancer) in people who have no symptoms is called screening and may be done in various ways.

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Seniors Health Care – How to Save It, Keep It, and Improve It.

Many senior citizens worry about the effect that the health care reform may have on them. Seniors use the health care system more than younger people and those living on fixed incomes may have little ability in their budgets to help if their health costs rise. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery in the US 20 Million and Counting

Most people, when they hear “Plastic Surgery” they think Breast augmentation, Liposuction, or maybe a Face Lift. In reality there are several types of Plastic Surgery, including cosmetic, reconstructive, and treatment of burns. Continue reading

How to Help Your Wife Face Breast Cancer

Sadly, one in eight women born in the United States will suffer from breast cancer at some point during her lifetime, according to a Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Statistical Report. Even more grim, breast cancer is also one of the top 10 leading causes of death among American women. Continue reading

Future Fathers – How to Help Her Get Pregnant

When a couple is trying to get pregnant, all eyes usually fall on the woman. But, just as it takes two to tango, so it also takes two to make a baby. Conception isn’t just a woman’s responsibility. As a man, there are things you can do to increase the odds of making a baby. Continue reading