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Why Join or Use an Association the Benefits of Associations

Medical tourism is becoming a household concept these days as millions of people are traveling abroad for treatments. From cosmetics to augmentation and from cardiac bypass surgery to joint replacement surgery, patients are receiving top quality care from providers that are members with medical association credentials while keeping a little extra change in their pockets. Continue reading

Dental Hygiene is Inexpensive – But Dental Problems are Very Costly

Dental hygiene can be very inexpensive, but dental problems are the most costly. How to prevent or treat the troubles that can lurk in your mouth. Continue reading

New Painless Dental Filling Process Using A Plasma Toothbrush

Scientists at the University of Missouri have invented a way to apply fillings that is completely painless. It uses a new plasma brush that disinfects and cleans out cavities, killing bacterias and forming a better bond for the fillings. And it does it in less than 30 seconds! Continue reading

Facts About Sugar and Your Health – Diets and Weight

Sugar or dietary sugars have been under scrutiny for years. Sugars have been blamed for causing everything from cavities to obesity and a lot of conditions in between. Here are the facts about sugars to help you decide how to sensibly incorporate sugars into your diet. Continue reading