Combine Medical Travel – Medical Procedures or Medical Treatments and Save

As the US Healthcare system struggles to restore the ability for its citizens to access less costly care the rest of the world has invested in the idea of Global Health Care. There are thousands of top-quality physicians providing medical procedures and medical treatments around the world for a fraction of the U.S. cost. The concept is a simple process of learning; knowledge is power and in this case savings. Medical travel has been around for centuries, traveling by horse and now by plane.

Combine medical travel – medical procedures or medical treatments and save.

Medical travel allows for the ability to direct your own care through several hospitals and top quality physicians. People get to determine the best-evaluated option, from top quality hospitals on their medical procedure or medical treatment. In today’s world there are saving options, particularly in healthcare, these do not show themselves in the day to day marketing of U.S. hospitals. Health care is an expense that’s difficult to imagine a way to save. The ability to discover these options of quality is an unknown secret that little understand or even consider. To have options, choices, and competition typically allows for the best possible care at a competitive price. Typically, researching several possibilities of treatments, physicians and top quality hospitals is not how the U.S. healthcare system works, unless you have unlimited financial resources or private insurance that is hard to come by.

How long can the US system operate with restrictive government regulations, legal issues, labor costs, institutional costs, and political bickering? The truth hurts; simply put, it is financially unsustainable. When you look into the future and see the aging baby boomers and the financial issues, the math is simple. Either care is rationed, not affordable, or not accessible. The US healthcare system offers the best in the world if you can afford it, if not it ranks 27th in the world as a healthcare system for its citizens.

Medical TravelMedical Travel allows for all the issues and current problems to be resolved, it does not necessarily mean you have to go to a foreign country to find a solution, it means you need to be willing to go outside your customary method of care. Medical treatments and medical procedures can be obtained in your own country or abroad.

It is a well-known fact that outside the U.S there is equal care at one-third of the cost, but even within the US, prices are negotiated through third parties. Large hospitals within the US have several price levels dependent upon your economic position in the healthcare system; uninsured, Medicare, Medicaid, or privately insured. These price structures subsidize one another to create hospitals required profit margin. Using a medical travel facilitator helps establish a price that falls within the average of those levels. This negotiated price in most cases creates a 10 to 15 percent savings to the uninsured walk in cost at your local hospital. As the competition grows for cash-paying employers and quality-driven employees the market will develop medical travel as a common solution to health care.

An individual or business looking for a solution to the rising health care costs can obtain affordable medical procedures and medical treatments at top quality hospitals abroad. These hospitals are located in medical city destinations around the world; their staff has been trained to work with international patients. Surgeons and physicians are board-certified and have studied in their expertise within their own country and or abroad. Some are members of global and U.S. medical associations contributing and updating to the latest medical techniques in healthcare.

So if you are looking for high-quality, low-cost healthcare to become more competitive, offer additional benefits for your company, and employees use medical travel for medical procedures and medical treatments with top-quality physicians and save.

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