Healing From Major Surgery

You thought getting major surgery was the hard part, but it turns out the recovery phase following major surgery may be the most difficult part.

Your activity and mobility are limited, and you have to rest as much as possible.

4 Ways to Improve Your Life While Healing from Major Surgery

If this spells your recipe for boredom, you aren’t alone in your frustration. The Centers for Disease Control reports more than 51 million surgeries are performed in the US annually.

Some patients choose to distract themselves with video games or television shows, but go-getters like you desire more productive activities.

Online Degree Programs

The Sloan Consortium reports that 6.7 million students in the United States attend a minimum of one online class. Due to this popularity, colleges continue to add online class options for students who are working, who are unable to attend class in person, or who appreciate the convenience and flexibility of online courses.

Depending on the field you’re interested in, you may be able to fulfill your entire required course load through associates degrees available online. While you hopefully won’t be recovering from major surgery for the entire two years it may take to complete one of these programs, your downtime is ideal for getting a strong start in the degree program before your day-to-day distractions return.

Start a Blog

A blog gives you a way to write about your experiences, your expertise, or whatever catches your eye. It’s not hard to set up a blog, even if you’ve never done anything with websites before.

You also don’t have to pay any money if you know of free blogging services. For example, WordPress, a popular blogging script, offers free hosted WordPress blogs for anyone through WordPress.org.

If you’re interested in creating a blog that makes money or will grow a large following, consider looking at your life and seeing what skills or talents you have that might appeal to a large audience.

You never know what might fascinate the Internet at large. On the social media site Reddit, an “ask me anything” thread by a vacuum repairman got more attention than some celebrity posts.

Make and Sell Crafts

Many crafts, such as jewelry making, don’t require a great deal of physical movement. If you’re good with your hands, make crafts during the time you’re relaxing and recovering. If you’re particularly enterprising, sell your crafts through Etsy, Artfire, or another online marketplace. You may need some help with photography and shipping until you feel better though.


It’s not the most relaxing or fun way to spend your time, but do your bookkeeping to get your household budget tamed while you have the time. Use bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks or a well-designed spreadsheet to track all of your incoming and outgoing expenses so you know exactly where your money goes, and build a budget around that.

First, look at the income coming in from all sources. Apply this income to your regular, fixed expenses such as utility bills and rent. After that, split off the income into savings and disposable income categories. You want enough going to savings to cover unexpected expenses and occasional expenses.

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