Medical Tourism to Cut Costs

Medical tourism, Medical Travel Global Health Care all meaning patients traveling from their home countries to another destination for medical care.

This is completely transforming the health care industry as we know it.

While traveling abroad for medical care can be significantly less costly than care obtained in the U.S., most patients rely on their health plans to determine which treatment options are available.

Now that the coverage environment is changing, several employers have launched medical tourism pilot programs within their health benefits plans. Self Insurers are hopeful that medical tourism will help to reduce treatment costs and improve margins.

While employers are seeking to reduce health care costs, so are the employees. Pilot programs have been adopted to share in the savings with employees/patients that receive the benefits of lower costs via reduced premiums, incentives, co-payments, or deductibles.

The Medical Tourism Association stated, “This was the first time a US employer televised its opinion of how US Healthcare Reform would have a positive impact on medical tourism, casting away much doubt about the uprising trends for the industry.”

US Employers Use Medical Tourism to Cut Costs

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