Cost of Cancer Treatments

The cost of the number one killer is rising and the newer treatments are even more expensive. How can the average person with or without insurance afford to live?

The Health Care economy is one of the most debated issues with many opinions, ideas, myths, and numbers. Take a look at these numbers when some cancer treatments are more than the average cost of a home.

Here are some recent articles on the health care economics of cancer:

Just one month of a cancer medication could run you $10,000—or more. We look at the absurd economics driving cancer patients to pay astronomical prices when they can least afford it.

Cost of chemotherapy

Overall, cancer drug prices are skyrocketing. Of the 12 drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration for various cancer conditions in 2012, 11 were priced above $100,000 for a year of treatment. NYTimes

Curbing the Cost of Cancer

Interesting how the costs are considerably lower in other countries but even still high for the local people within that economy.

Why Chemotherapy That Costs $70,000 in the U.S. Costs $2,500 in India
Additional options on cost comparison
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