American Healthcare Systems

With the American healthcare systems in flux, many Americans are looking beyond their borders for alternative solutions. Safety and affordability are two of the biggest concerns for patients considering a global option.

That is why hundreds of healthcare systems in Central America and South America have stepped up their services to offer world-class medical attention.

The Americas Differences in Health Care Systems

Americans prefer to travel within their own hemisphere for quality medical treatments.

A quick airplane flight can get them to where they need to go without the hefty price tag of a quick flight to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Plus, there are a great number of Joint Commission International (JCI) hospitals and clinics in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Many of these facilities are certified by the General Health Council. This is the highest JCI certification awarded by the Ministry of Health. And it is these locations that often exceed the expectation of American patients.

From liposuction to laparoscopy and from ACL repair to joint replacements, healthcare facilities in the Americas can do it all.

Not only do they offer a wide range of services, but the treatments are incredibly affordable.

Those savings are hard to resist, and they are equally as affordable in other areas of Central America and South America.

Dental work is just as safe and affordable for patients traveling within the Western Hemisphere.

A dental implant, normally costing anywhere from $2,000 to-10,000, would only cost $1000 in Mexico.

If you traveled to Columbia, it would cost about the same. Dental inlays and overlays performed in Costa Rica and Mexico, both known for their high-quality dental work, cost a fourth less than they do in the States. Cosmetic surgeries offer similar discounts.

Facilities all over the Americas are staffed by a qualified medical professional who often travels around the world for the latest in healthcare advances. They also work with the latest in medical equipment, giving patients the best possible treatment.

Not only that, but they are famous throughout the world for their friendly and personalized service.

Bilingual doctors, nurses, and hospital staff work to meet all of your needs throughout the duration of your stay.

The best way to take advantage of Global Healthcare is to use a medical travel facilitator.

These hands-on representatives work directly with healthcare providers to offer the following services:

Healthcare Network – Pre-screened healthcare facilities that are known to provide quality care for the international medical traveler.

Alternative Treatment – Providing multiple options on facilities, destinations, and physicians to predetermine the best possible treatment plan.

Competitive Cost Structure – Having access to 1000’s providers creates competitive pricing options for the medical traveler.

Transparency – Proving the same cost structure as a local individual would receive in their own country with that provider.

Medical Records – Collecting your digital medical records securely so an accurate assessment can be determined by a physician while maintaining your privacy.

Accreditation – Many network providers have been accredited by independent accreditation services and meet or exceed your local providers.

Financial Services – Providing an escrow account for paying providers in their currency and terms allowing you to concentrate on your treatment.

Passports – Advice, and information are available should you have any questions or concerns about traveling from the U.S. to Mexico, Central America, or South America.

Transportation services – They will get you to and from the airport, the healthcare facility, your accommodation, and recreational activities.

Housing – They work with boutique hotels as well as resorts to make sure you and your loved ones are accommodated in comfort and in style. From special dietary menus to amenities, bilingual staff will be at your beck and call.

Safety – This is number one, both in the American healthcare systems as well as in the nations that host medical tourism for those patients from North America. Facilities provide top-quality treatments using advanced medical equipment. Also, metropolitan areas offer tourists the safety and convenience of up-to-date infrastructures.

Activities – Many American healthcare facilities are located in tourism destinations. Jump into the local culture with sightseeing adventures, food tours, shopping, or theatrical presentation.

If you love the great outdoors, try the local ecotourism and water activities.

24-hour assistance – Should you need assistance with any part of your medical tourism experience in the Americas, contact your advisor as soon as possible. They are on hand 24 hours a day to serve you.

Post Treatment Care – Creating communication channels and additional services for post-treatment care when you are at home.

To learn how you can take advantage of the high-quality, affordable American Healthcare Systems, contact Medical Treatments Management today.

To get started on your treatment decisions for a Health Solution you can create a Secure Health Portal Here

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