Medical tourism is becoming a household concept these days

As millions of people are traveling abroad for treatments. From cosmetics to augmentation and from cardiac bypass surgery to joint replacement surgery, patients are receiving top-quality care from providers that are members with medical association credentials while keeping a little extra change in their pockets.

Medical travel, marketed as medical tourism has turned the world into a global health care environment giving patients access to quality care by choice. Patients can hop on a plane, fly to another country, undergo medical treatment, and consider a vacation for a fraction of the cost of what they may spend in their own countries.

How does one take advantage of Medical Travel?

With so many exciting destinations and procedures, the planning can be a little overwhelming. However, there are helping hands that can provide valuable information so that you can make the best medical and dental decisions. Who provides this help? The members of the Medical Tourism Association.

What is an Association?

A medical association or dental association is a group of professionals who services national and international health care providers and patients. You can think of them as an umbrella association that assists, manages, certifies, and maintains the quality and service of its participating members.

Often these groups or associations specialize in fields of study like a diabetes association. Some examples are groups like the Hispanic Dental Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, Special Operations Medical Association, and the American Diabetes Association. Associations can be locally or internationally created depending on their goals and members.

Does Global Health Care have an Association?

Yes, with the increased popularity of medical tourism, patients and providers have demanded the need for industry standards. While there are multiple providers to choose from, there is only one association who has received top awards. Google has honored the Medical Tourism Association as the #1 website for “patient referrals and for consumers to obtain information and learn about their options for healthcare around the world.”

The Medical Tourism Association works with all participants in the healthcare community to assure peace of mind, facilitate communication, and promote education. The Medical Tourism Association acts as a representation of its members, providing the advantages of many versus just one. The MTA through its membership provides a service to help public awareness and connect people with global health care.

What are the Goals of The Medical Tourism Association?

“To provide a single reliable trustworthy source of information for the world on Medical Tourism. The Medical Tourism Association is dedicated to the advancement of Medical Tourism throughout the world. The Medical Tourism Association is made up of organizations from all around the world working together to improve healthcare and provide the highest quality of care for international patients.”

What are the Benefits to the Public?

The public can connect through the Medical Tourism Association to find a member that can help access providers and develop a treatment plan. However, that’s not all. Below are some additional benefits:

  • Access to a world of highly qualified, trained professionals.
  • Facilitators help coordinate access to quality and understanding.
  • Accredited medical professionals (including medical association and dental association members.)
  • Care options for friends and family members.
  • Concierge services within the destination country.
  • The convenience of access.
  • Destination guides with hosp clinic, spas, wellness centers, culture, hotels and hospital, activities.
  • Discounts with medical or dental association members.
  • Faster service (no more waiting for results and diagnostic treatments – CAT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds.)
  • Online and print publications for prevention, treatments, nutrition, exercise, loan programs.
  • Patient advocacy.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Pre and post-treatment arrangements.
  • Savings on treatments, medication, and hospital stays.
  • Safety instructions.

What are the Benefits of Medical Tourism Association Membership?

The Medical Tourism Association provides its members with support to better meet the needs of their customers and the industry. They reach out to providers to create a supportive community of like-minded health care professionals who work diligently in their industry.

  • Access to academic studies, research reports, and surveys.
  • Advertising assistance.
  • Business to business information and networking.
  • Company listing of your profile, contact information, and logo presentation on the MTA website.
  • Concierge service of special events and exhibits.
  • Conferences, round table sessions, workshops, and meetings.
  • Continuing education.
  • Discounts on services and events.
  • E-Newsletter exposure reaching over 20,000 people in the industry.
  • International advocacy at major conferences for medical tourism association members.
  • Legal networking and contact information.
  • Media and press opportunities.
  • Social networking around the world with speaking engagements, conferences, and panel presentations.
  • Use of the Medical Tourism Association standards, bylaws, and marketing programs.

Whether you’re an individual in need of a treatment or a provider in need of information, a Medical Tourism Association member can help you with your health care experience.

Contact the Medical Tourism Association today to see how membership can help you.

 Use a Medical Tourism Association Member Today

Medical Treatments Management is a member of the Medical Tourism Association
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