Vacation Surgery

Is on the rise with the hefty price tag of medical procedures in the U.S. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are heading beyond the borders to save money. In fact, they are tying in vacation time with their medical care, taking advantage of Global Healthcare services, highly trained physicians in state-of-the-art facilities.

Please Define Travel Surgery - Vacation Surgery - Surgery Abroad - Surgery Overseas

The definition of Global Health Care is travel surgery or a vacation surgery it can be surgery abroad or surgery overseas and even surgery in your own country.

With exotic destinations promising warm weather, sunny beaches, luxurious accommodations, and lower costs for top-notch health care, it’s not tough to understand why vacation surgery has been an on-going trend. For years, people around the world have escaped the high cost of elective surgery in their own country in favor of cosmetic surgery performed abroad.

A little nip tuck here and there could be blended in with added passport stamps and fond travel memories.

However, nowadays, vacation surgery abroad has taken on a whole new meaning. Global Healthcare is no longer limited to cosmetic surgery but welcomes all elective medical specialties and much-needed travel surgery from joint replacement to dental work.

Up to 80% off can be saved for medical care that is from a Global Healthcare Network.

For example, heart surgery in the U.S. would cost over $100,000, but the same travel surgery overseas in India would only cost $9,000. Once you include travel and accommodation for you and travel companion expenses you are around $15,000.

Also, a hip replacement costs about $45,000 in the U.S. whereas, in most Latin markets, the same surgery costs less than one-third. Global Health Care savings do not stop with medical procedures.

Dental surgery is included, too. Dental implants cost roughly $600 to 1000 in Costa Rica, but patients would have to fork over at least three times that amount for the same treatment in the U.S.

If you’re in the market for medical care and are considering travel surgery abroad, there are a few helpful tips to help you on your way to better health.

  1. While getting the best savings on medical treatments is a priority, do your homework. Don’t choose your vacation surgery based on price, start with the physician.
  2. Different destinations offer a variety of services and prices. First determine the current information you have,  medical records, images, etc. The specialist in your required treatment area can then plan a specific Treatment Plan and accurate cost for you.
  3. Consider all costs before making your choice including airfare, accommodations, medications, and post-treatment care. For example, surgery in Costa Rica may be more expensive than in India, but with travel expenses, it may be close to the same.
  4. Most medical cities in the world offer hospitals and care centers with the highest standard in safety, equal to that in the U.S. and Europe. Be sure your travel surgery treatment center meets these criteria.

If you are interested in saving anywhere from 50-80% on medical treatment abroad, Medical Treatments Management has your Health Solution, see what Global Health Care services are available to you. Learn about the facilities and their areas of expertise.

You can even learn about the various doctors that treat international clientele. Many doctors have worldwide experience in their areas of medicine that are comparable or actually trained or worked in the U.S. and Europe.

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