The Myths of Learning Disabilities

There are a great number of myths associated with learning disorders, they range from the absurd, all the way to the absolutely rude and hurtful. Learning disabilities impede the way people process information, whether it is in reading, writing, or communication.

The Myths of Learning Disabilities

The Myths of Learning Disabilities

Many times the association of ADD or ADHD has come up as if every case of a learning disorder is directly related. There are many myths, however, that are so far-fetched or just not even in relation to learning disorders, that it is easy to see exactly why people with this affliction are very much reclusive.

Start with the most absurd of the myths, laziness. The notion that someone that is affected with a form of a learning disorder is just lazy cannot get any further from the truth.

The Myths of Learning Disabilities

There is no medical association pertaining to learning disorders with a lack of energy or drive.

The fact that the individual seems to have no desire to complete their work is just that, they do not. It is not for a lack of energy or drive, it is out of fear that they will mess up, and it will get noticed and in turn centers them out amongst their peers.

The same can be said for the thought of sheer rebellion. These kids do indeed stand out from the rather rebellious crowd. A child that is rebellious will fight and give trouble, where a person with a learning disorder generally does not want to draw too much attention on themselves, at least not in the school anyways.

Behavioral issues are another common belief in the mind of the unknown. To assume that one has a said condition such as ADD or ADHD solely because they try to pass off their work or are having trouble in the classroom is, to say the least ignorant.

The behavioral issues are in fact the result of the lack of processing that the brain does when it comes to scholastic work. This is an easy way to get a person with a learning disability to become very restless.

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