The consideration of a change in how health care is delivered

Is a new road with an intersection of need, health care, travel, and competition. Your friend mentions that they shop at a new store because the pricing and quality are better.

When you get in your car to drive to the store and purchase your groceries you follow the same routine that you follow on a regular basis. The thought of going past your old grocery store to a different store at a lesser cost and higher quality comes to mind, but it is a long drive and you have never been in that store before.

This same concept applies to health care, hospitals, and physicians, you feel comfortable with your past ways and familiarization.

To go outside this normality seems like a lot of unnecessary effort. If you have no other choice because of the cost, lack of access, or treatment specialty the concept of medical travel is more appealing.

Health care reform is going to inspire physicians, health systems and hospitals to look at alternative ways of delivering their medical product,” said Nick Christos, Chief Marketing Officer of Elite Underwriting Insurance (one of the largest providers of reinsurance and stop loss to self-funded employers, in an interview with the Medical Tourism Association.

The Health Care situation seems to be creating this new store on the intersection of Health Care and Medical Travel.

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