Disgust is having its moment in the spotlight of science

As researchers find that it does more than cause that sick feeling in the stomach. The feeling of disgust protects human beings from disease and parasites, and affects almost every aspect of human relations, from romance to politics.

The Feeling of Disgust is Good For Your Health

Disgust is a type of aversion or feeling that involves withdrawing from a person or object with strong expressions of revulsion whether real or pretended. In several new books and research papers, scientists are exploring the evolution of disgust and its role in attitudes toward food, sexuality, and other people.

Speaking last week from a conference on disgust in Germany, Valerie Curtis, a self-described “disgustologist” from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, described her favorite emotion as “incredibly important.”

She continued: “It’s in our everyday life. It determines our hygiene behaviors. It determines how close we get to people. It determines who we’re going to kiss, who we’re going to mate with, who we’re going to sit next to. It determines the people that we shun, and that is something that we do a lot of.”

So if you want to benefit your health find something that disgusts you because the feeling of disgust is good for your health.

Additional reading and source: Harnessing the Power of Disgust – NYTimes.com

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