What are the perspectives on patient engagement worldwide?

An international survey of adults with complex health care needs found wide variations in the degree to which patients are engaged in their own care, from self-managing a health condition to actively participating in treatment decisions.

Across countries, engaged patients reported fewer medical errors, higher care ratings, and more positive views of the health system as a whole.

Perspectives on Patient Engagement

When patients have an active role in their own health care, the quality of their care, and of their care experience improves, studies show.

Efforts to increase patients’ engagement in their care; for example, through shared decision-making and self-management of a chronic condition; have proliferated internationally as nations strive for high-value, high-performance health systems. This study, authored by Commonwealth Fund researchers, examines results from a 2011 Fund survey in 11 countries focusing on patients with complex health care needs.

A cross-national study finds that patients who are engaged in their own health care receive higher-quality care, experience fewer medical errors, and have more positive views of the health system.

Download the Study: Perspectives on Patient Engagement
Article Source:  International Perspectives on Patient Engagement: Results from the 2011 Commonwealth Fund Survey – The Commonwealth Fund.
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