Man’s best friend is always there after a difficult day, you can feel the love

There are years of research that shows that living with a dog provides certain health benefits. Dogs help lower your blood pressure by lessening your anxiety, therefore boosting immunity.

New studies show that children living with dogs and other furry animals are less at risk for allergies and asthma.

Our furry friends love to do things, they motivate us to take walks and other care items, this in turn provides us with exercise, companionship, and health benefits.

Dogs make us laugh, it is a well-known fact that laughing makes us more healthy.

When you pet a dog you receive a calm soothing feeling from their soft fur. These pleasurable and calming properties are caused by the elevations of serotonin and dopamine in our own bodies.

This in turn reduces stress and provides additional health benefits.

Physicians recommend pets to their senior patients just for the Health benefits that it creates. There are many studies available that support this prescription.

How dogs can make you laugh and improve your health.

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