The test of time seems to stand out as the biggest believer of Ancient Medicine

It seems that money may be the biggest difference between modern medicine and ancient medicine. Cultures evolve in their medical beliefs, influenced by there economic capabilities and upbringing.

Health Around the World - Modern Medicine VS Ancient Medicine

Do you know that Chinese men and women often escape dreaded diseases that kill over 1.2 million Americans a year? What do they know that you don’t know?

The answer is 4,000 years of traditional medicine and modern science now proves that many diseases western medicine treats could be cured or perhaps prevented by Chinese medicine.

Heart disease is the number one killer in America, claiming 700,000-plus lives a year.

Yet, over a three-year period in China, not a single person under the age of 64 died of heart disease – out of 470,000 men and women living in two counties.

Cancer is the number two killer in America, taking over 550,000 lives a year. Yet, according to the China study, rural Chinese women have five times less risk of dying from breast cancer than their American counterparts.

Why is it, when it comes to sickness and disease, that the Chinese in many cases have less risk and a greater propensity for prevention and healing than Americans?

Millions and millions of Chinese men and women understand, live by, and believe in the powerful, yet safe healing remedies of traditional Chinese medicine, but yet China has one of the lowest healthcare costs per individual on the planet. Something you may want to consider when looking for a treatment.

Ancient Medicine around the world:

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