Lasting beauty comes from deep within the body and Mind

How we feel about ourselves and the world around us affects our health and well-being.

A day in wellness with medical tourism should be:

7:00 AM Yoga

Yoga Balances the mind and body through physical exercises known as Asanas. Controlled breathing and the calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation is the yoga experience in wellness.

8:00 AM Exercise

Take a bicycle ride, enjoy a walk, go running, or create your pure balance with tai chi. Create harmony, the balance of energy, and challenge yourself with exercise.

9:00 AM Energy

Breakfast referred to as the most important meal of the day. Eat healthy with a carbohydrate such as cereal or rice, fruit and/or vegetable, protein, sometimes dairy, and a natural beverage.

10:00 AM Spirit

Your activity develops your spirit and directs your energy. Find your sailing, golfing, swimming, dancing, hiking, sports, horseback riding, exploring spirit. Get out and about.

1:00 PM Relax

Express yourself and relax. Discover a hobby, read, clay sculpting, art to provide a moment of physical rest, and mental discovery. Do not miss the joy of life. Knowing the importance of relaxation and what it “is” for you are vital for ensuring your ongoing health and wellness.

4:00 PM Enjoy

Give a gift to yourself. Enjoy this time with Spa treatments,  a massage, aqua therapy, sauna, steam bath or your pleasure of wellness treatments.

6:00 PM Relations

Have a healthy gourmet cuisine enjoyed with your loved ones and relations.

7:00 PM Culture

Learn about your culture be social with people who educate the mind with experiences like a cooking class, woodworking class, lounging, concerts, the arts, and networking groups.

11:00 PM  Meditation

Train your mind to a state of consciousness without external involvement, in order to realize the benefits of the day. Sleep

Medical Treatments Management is the foundation of your Health Care Solution. MTM connects all the pieces of Healthcare together, finding your path to wellness.

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