Did you know that 4 out of 5 people experience back pain

Making it the fifth most common reason for doctor visits? The intensity can vary from a constant dull ache to a persistent sharp pain. In severe cases, back pain can be debilitating and surgery may be needed.

To provide relief and prevention, self-help tips can be applied to avoid back pain altogether.

They are very user-friendly and employ common sense practices that will promote a healthier lifestyle minimizing or eliminating pain, discomfort, and invasive treatments.

Below are some self-help and prevention examples:

1.  Take your wallet out of your back pocket.

2.  Use caution when lifting.

3.  Leave the skinny jeans in the drawer and keep the high heels in the closet.

4.   Adjust your sleeping position.

5.  Increase your exercise to promote strong bones and muscles.

These easy-to-follow self-help and prevention tips can become life-long habits in the quest to avoid back pain.  In most cases, back pain disappears in a few days and should you experience discomfort, trying these self-help tips should decrease pain.  Of course, talk with your doctor if the condition worsens.  Learn more…

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