With up to 25% of Americans smoke and over 400,000 die each year

The effects of tabacco spread to every part of the human body, immediately affecting short-term and long-term health.

Three seconds after the first puff, 4000 chemicals are released into the blood stream. Immediate results include watering eyes, a runny nose and an irritated throat producing “smokers cough”.

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The price of smoking affects your health and your wallet

Smoking one pack a day for one year is equivalent to pouring one cup of tar into the lungs. Tar is rich in cancer-causing chemicals. An increase of mucous occurs and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and virus (cold, flu and bronchitis).

White blood cells are also impaired and becoming too fatigued to resist invading illnesses. Deadly heart attacks and strokes can result from long-term smoking as well as other health complications such as oxygen deprivation, energy loss, erectile disfunction for men and lowered potential fertility in women.

The price of smoking not only affects a person’s health but also the health of their family and their wallet. If a person smoked a half pack of cigarettes every day for 15 years, he would spend over $16,000. To learn more about the price of smoking, click here.

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