If you suspect a problem with your eyes

The earlier you get them tested and treated the better the outcome will be. You should have a dilated eye exam every year especially if you are at risk for intraocular pressure changes.

The Blurred Vision of Aging

Visit your eye doctor if you have trouble seeing things close up like reading, buttoning your clothes, sewing, or picking out matching clothes; if you feel that the lights are getting dimmer even when they are on;  or if you are having trouble reading street signs.

A senior should wear his or her glasses as prescribed and have the lenses updated at least every two to three years. It often makes sense to have an extra pair around in case of damage or loss.

Poor vision, especially as a part of aging, can impact a senior’s ability to age in place and live independently. Seniors may be more prone to falling and having accidents as their vision fails, not to mention the impact on the ability to drive and thus mobility. It is very important that we do all we can to prevent and treat our senior’s vision as they age and help our seniors get the treatment they need if you are their caregivers.

Defying the Blurred Vision of Aging | Senior Care Corner.

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