Hungry but need something filling without a lot of sugar and fat?

Need something that will give your body what it needs to stay strong or that will boost your alertness and concentration? Well, your grandmother must have been onto something good when she would cook up a hot, steamy bowl of oatmeal with its health benefits.

Oatmeal - Delicious and Healthy

Oats are rich in fiber (4 grams in each 1/2 cup uncooked serving) and protein (6 grams). Oatmeal is delicious and it fills you up with heart-healthy benefits. Just 3 grams of soluble fiber can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the bloodstream, keeping your healthy and full.

There are four different kinds of oatmeal, each processed in a different way, all having health benefits. Instant oatmeal can usually be found in pre-packaged packets and are flavored with sweeteners and additives. By adding water, this kind of oatmeal is the most processed and therefore, tends to have the most calories.

Quick oats are made to be cooked quickly. While this kind of oatmeal is not as processed as much as instant oatmeal, it has been processed by removing the outer bran.

Old-fashioned or “thick” oats are steamed and rolled flat, which maintains the fiber. These oats do take a little longer to cook.

Steel-cut, also known as “Irish” oats are the least processed oatmeal, retaining all of the health benefits of vitamins and fiber. You will find that this oatmeal has a “yummy” nut flavor.

It is recommended to eat the old-fashioned or steel-cut oats for maximum nutrition.

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